Theis Othmar Frøhlich

Hi, my name is Theis
I design beautiful graphics and build functional interfaces for your favorite devices




I'm a passionate digital designer with strong programming skills from Copenhagen. I dream up concepts and construct products for your favorite devices.

The intersection between design and programming is my main area of expertise. This integrated design approach helps me design software friendly for both the end user and the developers I'm working with.

I work as frontend-developer and designer at Bonnier Publications representing some of the most popular lifestyle magazine brands in northern Europe.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript is the dough I knead on a daily basis. Being responsible for most JavaScript development on the Bonnier platform I'm always on the search for novel ways to structure and optimize the frontend code base.

jQuery SASS, Compass, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, GitHub and Rails are among my favorite tools, frameworks and pre-processors.

I spend my spare time working on side projects and managing football club MIF being elected president since 2013. I value team play and what a well organized structure can achieve.